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R6 rides!

Oct 5, 2002 Hwy 455, 561 Pretty damn good, considering I'm in Florida of all places. Pretty twisty. My bike needs work, but fun in spite of that. Good potential. Fun-Factor: 8
Moved to Orlando, FL
June 23, 2002 Second Creek Track Three sessions. No battery. Friggin' awesome. But, I crashed out at the end of the third session. Fun-Factor: 10
June 5, 2002 Boulder Canyon Matt Rhode (Honda 550) and Joe Fiero (Superhawk) went up to rip some tires up. Good time, good road. Cops up top. Fun-Factor: 9
May 24, 2002 Boulder to Pheonix and Back Incredible 2,650 mile road trip through the mountains and the Arizona desert. Fun-Factor: 10
May 15, 2002 Bear Creek, N. Turkey Creek, Hwy 285 Darrick and I went up to burn some rubber off (and me to burn some release compound off of my new tires). Was fun, but had some engine problems, and there was some sand on the bottom of Turkey Creek.. Fun-Factor: 7
May 4, 2002 Left Hand Canyon Took Ira up Left Hand. Was a little cold, rained a little, had a some sand, and I had bran-spankin' new tires... so I went pretty slow. Was fun to take Ira, though. Fun-Factor: 7
Mar 21, 2002 Boulder Canyon Man I love this canyon. No traffic, sandy, salty, meltoff, cold as a tit. Conditions were't so good. 60 mph road right now. Still need a new rear tire. Fun-Factor: 8
Feb 17, 2002 Boulder Canyon So far, this winter has sucked. Went to see what the conditions were like. Road was pretty sandy and salty. Couldn't go too fast. Plus, I need a new rear tire.
Fun-Factor: 7
Nov 10, 2001 Boulder Canyon, Peak to Peak, Left Hand Canyon, Hwy 36, Hwy 7, Boulder Canyon Ride w/ the Co Sportbike club. I led the route, which was fun, except for the fact that we Peak to Peak and Left Hand had snow/ice patches, and it was friggin' Cold! Fun-Factor: 6 [pics]
Nov 03, 2001 Deer Creek Canyon, N. Turkey Creek, Hwy 103, Hwy 6. Ride w/ the Co Sportbike club. Only 4 of us went. Darrick came along on his new GSXR-750 and brought a friend. Fun, but 103 was bumpy, had lots of shadows, cold, and was icy/snowy at one spot. Lost my 'chicken strips' on a left-handed corner. Spun the rear tire on a corner, too. Fun-Factor: 6
Oct 20, 2001 Hwy 103, 24, 67, 285 First ride with the Co Sportbike club down to Colorado Springs and back. Fun ride. A little cold, though. Met lots of people. Fun-Factor: 9
Oct 14, 2001 Hwy 36 to Left Hand Canyon and back Took Aimee. Warm day, nice ride. A little slow with the new front tire, wind, cold (at elevation), no helmet or gloves for me (oops... Aimee had them on), and Aimee hadn't been riding in a while. Snowing up in Ward! Fun-Factor: 7
Oct 06, 2001 Golden Gate Canyon, Hwy 119, Hwy 6, Hwy 93 Took Aimee to Black Hawk for dinner. Took some pictures. Fun-Factor: 8
Sept 27, 2001 Boulder Canyon Took Amy Hui. She loved it! Fun ride, but her tendency to look over the inboard shoulder on corners threw me off a bit. Fun-Factor: 7
Sept 21, 2001 hwy 93, 285, 50, 149, 285, I-25 Another multi-day trip on the bike. Yeehaw! Fun stuff. Brought Darrick. We split Saturday night and I continued on to NM while he went back home. Rode 3 hrs the first night (left late friday night), 13 1/2 hrs on Saturday, and 9 hours on Sunday. 1225 miles. Ouch! Fun-Factor: 10: [pics]
Aug 26, 2001 Hwy 93, C-470, 285, 67, 24, I-25, and back. Rode with Darrick to PPIR. Met up with about 30 riders at ~Deckers. Saw the Supersport bike races at Pikes Peak International Raceway. On the way back, topped 160. Hwy 67 is very cool. Slipped on an oil slick on Hwy 285. :( Fun-Factor: 8. [pics]
Aug 23, 2001 Boulder Canyon, Peak to Peak, Left Hand Canyon, Hwy 36 to Estes Park, Hwy 36. Took Aimee to Estes Park and ate dinner at the Estes Park Brewery. Rode in little go carts after dinner. Fun ride. She rides really well. Fun-Factor: 10
Aug 18, 2001 Hwy 93, 72, I-70, Hwy 6, I-70, Hwy 82, 285, 50, 135, 149, 160, 550, 50, 65, I-70, Hwy 24, 91, I-70, Hwy 6, I-70, Hwy 6, 93. 3 1/2 day road trip to Southern Colorado. 1170 miles. See the page here. Fun-Factor: 10+
July 29, 2001 Hwy 93 to I-70, through Evergreen, Hwy 103, I-70, Hwy 93. Rode with Darrick to Mt. Evans. Pretty fun. Don't like Hwy 103 very much still. Stopped at Echo Lake for a bit. One picture. Fun-Factor: 7
July 7, 2001 Hwy 36 to Estes Park, Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mnt Natl Park, Hwy 40, I-70, Hwy 93 Rode with 5 other people including Darrick. Met up in Estes Park. One guy was from Seattle and had been riding for two weeks on an R1. Rained on us 5 or 6 different times. Chilled out ride. Hwy 40 between Berthed Pass and Winter park rocks! Almost scraped my mirror on the asphalt. pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 Fun-Factor: 9
June 27, 2001 Boulder Canyon Took Lana up to Nederland and back. Lots of traffic. Got dark. Slow. Fun-Factor: 7
June 10, 2001 Deer Creek Canyon, Hwy 285, S. Turkey Creek, Evergreen, Some other road, Hwy 285. Rode with Darrick. Fun. Need a camera following me in S. Turkey. Deer Creek was fun. Flat but curvy. Lots of traffic, though. Fun-Factor: 9
June 9, 2001 Night ride: Lookout Mountain, Mount Evans, I-70. Dark. Cold. Fast. Crazy. I don't know that I'll do that again. Night just sucks. Fun-Factor: 6
June 2, 2001 Hwy 285 and S. Turkey Creek Canyon Road Took Aimee. Lots of fun. Possibly the most exciting canyon road I've taken so far. Fun-Factor: 10
May 20, 2001 Boulder Canyon, Peak to Peak, Left Hand Canyon Took Ira and Tanya. Peak to Peak is still a little chilly. Some Sunday traffic. Faster and more controlled than last time through Boulder Canyon. Left Hand is very tight, very fast (between Ward and the stop sign). Did it 3 times. lol. Fun-Factor: 10
Apr 30, 2001 Boulder Canyon Went to Nederland w/ Darrick. Warm, clean, low traffic. Very fast. Leaned more today than I think I've ever leaned. For some reason, this time through was "super". didn't even notice the bumpy roads. Noticed that I'm getting sloppy in my precision.. need to fix that ASAP. Fun-Factor: 10
Apr 22, 2001 Hwy 72, Peak to Peak Hwy, 6th Avenue, Hwy 93 60 mile circuit. Hwy 72 was very dirty, especially after the pass. Somewhat bumpy road. Peak to Peak is always nice. Very little traffic. Cold. Clean. Some melt-off on the road. 6th is the perfect road. Got to watch for cops, though. Lots of traffic. Fun-Factor: 8
March, 2001 Hwy 36 to Estes Went with Danielle. Nice warm day. Enjoyable. Great road all the way. Fun-Factor: 10.
March, 2001 I-25 South Rode to Colorado Springs with Danielle. Fun ride. Not curvy, though, of course. Fun-Factor: 7
Feb, 2001 Boulder Canyon Went all the way to Nederland. Bumpy roads, bad for fast cornering. Quite cold. Fun-Factor: 5
Feb, 2001 Flagstaff Road Like a beach. Ends after about 15 miles. Averaged about 20 mph. Fun-Factor: 3
Jan 26, 2001 Hwy 36 N of Boulder 36 can get very fast. The mountain road after Lyons is very fun. Fast and curvy. 2 lanes going up for several miles. Fun-Factor = 10. Went with Joe, and 2 other guys.
Jan 12, 2001 Boulder Canyon Took Ira up. Cold. Somewhat fast canyon. Fun-Factor: 6
Jan 5, 2001 Bear Creek Canyon First canyon on the bike. much different than my old ninja. Very curvy. Went with Darrick and Chris. Fun-Factor: 9
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